Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Love Story! Minibook by Torill Stamnes

I made a minibook cards in the April Showers Collection.
Torill agreed to make a sample minibook!
She created this lovely minibook about her Love Story.
1. Mark each minibook bracket card about 2/3 from the end.

2. Fold each minibook card on your marked line.
3. Glue the cards together.
Here is a preview of the whole book finished.

April Showers Mini Book Card
Journaling: April Showers Apothecary Notebook Card
Date Tag: Hopscotch Cutouts Tags
Circle Tag: 1" Little Princess Circle Tags
Butterflies tag: Mini April Showers Word Flashcard

April Shower Minibook card
Journaling Heart: Love Some Bunny Heart Journaling Tags
Tags: Spring Cookie Cutter Tag
Circle Tags: 2" Peter Rabbit Vintage Tags, 1" Peter Rabbit Vintage Tag

Minibook: April Shower minibook
Just for you flashcard: Be My Valentine Word Flashcards

April Showers Minibook
Document Spring Paper Ribbon
Rainbow Cookie Cutter Tag
Black Starburst Number Tag

April Showers Minibook
April Showers Notebook Apothecary Journaling Cards
Black Bottle Caps Calendar Cards (January title-cutout)

Count to Spring Paper Ribbons
Red Bottle Caps Calendar Cards
April Showers Minibook page

April Showers Apothecary Notebook Cards
Easter Word Flashcards
2" Peter Rabbit Vintage Tags
Spring Cookie Cutter Tags
April Showers Paper Ribbons
April Showers Minibook

Valentine Word Flashcards
Red Bottle Cap Calendar Cards
April Showers Minibook

Peter Rabbit Vintage Circle Tags
Be My Valentine Classroom Hearts Journaling Cards
Fruit Punch Mini Bunting Flags
A is for Airplane Vintage Flashcard (Letter N)

Rainbow Lemon Slices Garland Circles
April Word Flashcards
April Showers Minibook


Anonymous said...

WoWZers! This is wonderful!!! I just LOVE how you made the pages for the book! Thanks for sharing.

Almayer said...

Wonderful mini!
And it's so beautiful to see your story through these happy photos... thanks to share!

Vibeke said...

I love this!!! So wonderful !!:)

Ann Cicilie said...

This is the most wonderful thing I've seen in a long time - great idea and gorgeous minialbum!

Thanks for the inspiration, sweetie :)

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